Cosy Baby Hip Seat Carrier

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“Mama, up! Daddy, up!” Sound familiar?

Like many parents of toddlers, they get the frequent “carry me” request from their little ones, here comes your life saver, the ultra lightweight & comfortable “Cosy Baby Hip Seat” !

Cosy Baby Hip Seat is a quick, hop-on, hop-off seat for your precious little ones.

It allows you to easily carry the weight of your baby or toddler around your hips instead of your arms.

And it is widely recommended by paediatricians and chiropractors worldwide, as it is proven to reduce spinal curvature and backaches in the long run. 

Plus, the specially designed seat helps to prevent your child from developing hip dysplasia.

Being a new parent can be hard, so there should be no reason why carrying your baby should be.


  • Supportive - Secured around your waist like a belt allows weight to be distributed evenly, avoiding spinal curvature.
  • Ergonomic - The specially designed seat allows your child to sit comfortably with the correct wide-leg seating position.
  • Practical - There is a zipper-protected pocket situated to the side that can store small items such as a phone, keys, coins, etc.
  • Assured - Our quality made belt buckles have the same design as the military. And they are all safety-tested to ensure accidental unfastening is prevented.


A 30º seat slant provides safety and support for your baby. It allows your child to gently lean towards you at all times. The seat which is secured around your waist holds the majority of the weight, all you need is one hand for support.

We've made the Baby Hip Seat easy to clean. It's made from polyester and silicon material, one quick wipe will have it looking brand new. The seat is also grippy and padded, ensuring your baby is comfortable at all times.

Cosy Baby Hip Seat

The Baby Hip Seat is designed with practicality in mind. Need space for your keys, mobile, and loose change? With a zipper-protected pocket situated on the side, you can conveniently and securely store all of these things.


Carrying your baby for long periods of time can be detrimental to your health in many ways! You unwillingly shift the shape of your body to accommodate the weight of your baby, thus leaving your spine curved. 

So whether you are a mom, dad, grandparent, or babysitter, our Baby Hip Seat is here to save the day. It shifts 90% of the weight from your arms and back, which makes holding your baby an absolute breeze.Carrying your baby has never been easier, so you can preserve your energy for the activities that matter!


Cosy Baby Hip Seat is not just about having a comfortable seat for your baby. The benefits grow deep, imagine not having the energy to play and interact with your babies during those critical ages, carrying your baby all day uses up A LOT of wasted energy. It is also recommended by pediatricians and chiropractors, as it puts your baby in the recommended M-Position (also known as the frog position), which supports a healthy spine and hip development.

Age Range:  1-36 months
Maximum Load:  Up to 20kg
Carrying Options:  Face-to-Face, Front Facing, Side Ride


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Cosy Baby Hip Seat Carrier
Cosy Baby Hip Seat Carrier
Cosy Baby Hip Seat Carrier
Cosy Baby Hip Seat Carrier
Cosy Baby Hip Seat Carrier
Cosy Baby Hip Seat Carrier
Cosy Baby Hip Seat Carrier
Cosy Baby Hip Seat Carrier