Ergonomic 11-in-1 Baby Carrier

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Experiencing back pain and hip pain from carrying your baby too much?


Try our ergonomic baby carrier to relieve your pain! 11 ways to carry your little one!


  • Ergonomic - weight is distributed evenly throughout lower back and shoulders
  • 11 different carrying positions to suit you and your baby's needs
  • Works for newborns to toddlers with no extra inserts needed
  • Excellent lumbar support for extra back comfort
  • Comes with either a rolldown mesh (zip down) or exposed mesh so baby stays cool on hot days 
  • 4 colours of the baby carrier also comes with a baby privacy hood, so the sun/wind/noise won't harm or wake your sleeping baby 
  • 3 pockets to store all your knick-knacks! More than all branded baby carriers*
  • Lightweight 
  • Machine Washable
  • Baby Weight Limit: 44lbs / 20kg
  • Belt Length: 47 inches /120cm 


*Applicable for Green, Dark Blue, Red, Baby Pink colours only


Babies love being toted around by mum or dad. But if you have chores to complete, it’s near impossible to carry them in your hands for hours. Our baby carrier provides the convenience of being able to go about your daily tasks hands-free with your baby resting with you.

It is widely recommended by paediatricians and chiropractors worldwide, as it is proven to reduce spinal curvature and backaches in the long run. 

In addition, the specially designed seat helps to prevent your child from developing hip dysplasia.

Being a new parent can be hard, so there should be no reason why carrying your baby should be.


The multi-positional carrier for developing and curious babies
11 Ways to Carry! Giving you the ultimate flexibility to choose a way that suits!
  1. Hip-seat face inward
  2. Hip-seat face outward
  3. Hip-seat sideways face inward
  4. Hip-seat cradle carry (adult arms supporting)
  5. Strap carrier face inward
  6. Strap carrier face outward
  7. Strap carrier back carry
  8. Strap carrier front cradle carry
  9. Strap carrier + Hip-seat combination face inward
  10. Strap carrier + Hip-seat combination face outward
  11. Strap carrier + Hip-seat combination back carry


            This carrier delivers better than ever comfort and ergonomics without the need for an infant insert.

            It is a versatile carrier that allows you to carry your baby in 11 different ways. It is a unique, back-supporting carrier with an integrated seat for your baby to help you carry your little one significantly longermore comfortably and effortlessly.

            Our baby carrier grows with baby from week 1 to 48 months and offers a perfect fit for all parents. It can be easily used just as a hip-seat as the top portion of the carrier is removable.

            Ergonomic design distributes weight evenly throughout your lower back and shoulders. The hip seat base is intentionally built wide enough so that your baby's hips rest in a healthy position, where his/ her legs are lifted and supported at hip level and not hanging or dangling, thus allowing safe forward facing carry.

            The seat supports baby in the recommended hip healthy ‘M-Shape’ seated position across all carry positions, including forward facing.


            Our baby carrier is designed with practicality in mind:

            - Worried about the heat? Or baby getting sweaty? Unzip and roll down the sleeve on the carrier to expose the breathable mesh so baby can cool down efficiently.

            - Winter time? Roll up the sleeve to conserve heat!

            - Need space for knick-knacks such as feeding bottle, keys, tissue and loose change? With pockets (2 situated on each side and one behind the rolldown sleeve), you can conveniently and securely store all of these items. Our carrier has more pockets than all branded baby carriers! This applies to Green, Dark Blue, Red and Baby Pink colours only.

            - Certain colours of our baby carrier even has a hood to shield your baby from the sun, wind or noise so that baby can rest peacefully. The hood protects your child from external stimuli and provides better conditions to take a nap or rest.



            Carrying your baby for long periods of time can be detrimental to your health in many ways! You unwillingly shift the shape of your body to accommodate the weight of your baby, thus leaving your spine curved. 

            So whether you are a mom, dad, grandparent, or babysitter, our Baby Carrier is here to save the day. It shifts 90% of the weight from your arms and back, which makes holding your baby an absolute breeze. Carrying your baby has never been easier, so you can preserve your energy for the activities that matter!






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            Ergonomic 11-in-1 Baby Carrier - Baby Carriers | Hippomoo
            Ergonomic 11-in-1 Baby Carrier - Baby Carriers | Hippomoo
            Ergonomic 11-in-1 Baby Carrier - Baby Carriers | Hippomoo
            Ergonomic 11-in-1 Baby Carrier
            Ergonomic 11-in-1 Baby Carrier - Baby Carriers | Hippomoo
            Ergonomic 11-in-1 Baby Carrier - Baby Carriers | Hippomoo
            Ergonomic 11-in-1 Baby Carrier - Baby Carriers | Hippomoo
            Ergonomic 11-in-1 Baby Carrier - Baby Carriers | Hippomoo
            Ergonomic 11-in-1 Baby Carrier - Baby Carriers | Hippomoo